Self Portrait   .  2016

Self Portrait  .  2016

   I am a visual artist based out of Pacifica, California. I work primarily as a photographer, though I often cross mediums into music, drawing, painting, and writing.   I am most passionate about creating work that effects the way myself and my audience perceive reality.   

My photographic work can usually be categorized into three major groups: documentary, studio, and experimental.  In my documentary work, I focus on the often overlooked moments of everyday life through tight compositions and the omission of context.  My experimental images also portray actual moments, though the capturing process is often outside of standard photographic methods.  Alternatively, my studio work depends on the fabrication of cinematic scenes to convey the emotion of a moment.  

   I grew up in Northern New Jersey and attended the University of Rhode Island from 2006 to 2010.  I acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography.  Since then, I have worked as a photojournalist, an event photo/videographer, a portrait photographer, a photo/video editor, and various other visual media jobs.