This series explores the space that our mentalities inhabit and migrate through between consciousness and unconsciousness.  These photographs are an attempt to recreate the the crossover that occurs between dreams and reality and analyze the stability/validity of the human consciousness.  The images involved in the series capture scenes that actually occurred in our conscious reality and are edited only to a point of natural, visual accuracy.  


Binding explores the distortion of time and space between our conscious reality and our dream reality.  This series attempts to recreate the unexplainable blending of physical locations in which our dreams often occur.  This series also compares the natural passage of time, unconscious perceived passage of time, and our depiction of the passage of time (in movies and other mediums).  Each image is a single long exposure that is minimally edited.  


The natural motion of water is often viewed as a cohesive, peaceful whole.  This series explores the intricate violence and chaos of the flow of water by isolating and freezing detailed moments.

Aesthetic Impact

This series focuses on human impact on nature, strictly for the purpose of effecting the aesthetics of an environment.


The balcony will explode.

This series consists of multiple interpretations of one still-life scene taken from a single vantage point.  The images birth a variety of spaces from a singular space.  Each photograph is a single long-exposure, and is not edited.